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Dell discloses attempted data breach

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / Toshiyuki IMAI)

Someone tried to hack into and steal customer information stored there, but we're not sure if they had succeeded or not. Dell has disclosed a data breach attempt that it thwarted, but it did say that it is possible that some names, emails and hashed passwords were removed. There is no evidence that this actually happened, so we don't really know.

"Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell's network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted," Dell said today in a press release.

Dell hashes all the paswords stored on its servers, meaning they would be unreadable to whoever steals them.

Account information from sites and was under attack. Data from and was not targeted. It was also said that credit card information was not targeted.

Dell's products and services were not impacted by the breach, but the company did force its users to change their passwords, just in case. Reuters says that while forcing users to change their passwords, Dell did not notify them of the attempted breach.

The company said that it implemented countermeasures as soon as it detected suspicious activity on its network. It also hired a digital forensics firm for an independent investigation, and has contacted the authorities.

Image Credit: Flickr / Toshiyuki IMAI 

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