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Demand for public cloud set to boost UK IT even further

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(Image credit: Image Credit: Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock )

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic slowing down growth in the UK IT sector, the demand for public cloud services is expected to give it a significant boost, according to new figures from the Information Services Group (ISG).

The 2020 ISG Provider Lens Public Cloud – Solutions and Services Report argues that demand for traditional managed services is declining, and growing for public cloud services .

This is fuelled mostly by large enterprises moving to the cloud a lot faster than their smaller peers - although SMEs too are showing “increasing interest” in IaaS offerings.

“UK businesses are steadily adopting a cloud-first approach, and a growing number of companies can foresee a time when they will move a large majority of their IT to the cloud,” said Bryn Barlow, Head of ISG North Europe.

The increase in demand stems from the need to facilitate remote working, automate various tasks and speed up business processes. Furthermore, both enterprises and SMEs see it as a great way to improve the customer experience.

As most are focused on a multi-cloud strategy and running cloud-native solutions, they are looking for service providers that can deliver the most value for their IT investment. The report found that businesses want to be able to move their data freely and avoid vendors lock-in, and thus are looking for IT providers that can help them orchestrate workloads and manage multi-cloud environments.