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Developers want higher salaries and remote working options

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Stack Overflow released a new report (opens in new tab) that details the needs and motivations of today's developers. With 98.6 per cent of developers in employment, and just 9.5 per cent actively looking for a new role, the new report aims to help businesses attract talent. 

The newly released Q2 2017 Developer Ecosystem report: the Employment Trends & Insights edition concludes that:

  • Agile is the fastest growing keyword in the job search
  • Developers don’t always get the benefits they want
  • They also feel underpaid
  • Remote work is important
  • They don’t just work in software companies and startups
  • Their priorities change over time

As a keyword, ‘agile’ is the fastest growing one, increasing by 4.5 per cent between January and April this year. When it comes to benefits, developers are interested in remote working options, work hours, equipment and professional development, as well as days off, which is slightly different from what the majority is looking for (childcare vouchers and pension schemes).

Almost half of them feel underpaid. More experienced ones (20 years and more) tend to care more about remote working options, as well.

The report also says that they are not all employed in software companies. Even though the majority is, they are also present in finance, media, and retail. Just 7.3 per cent of them work in start-up companies. 

"If there’s anything I’ve learned as an early stage investor, it’s that it’s all about the team – Every. Single. Time. The best ideas will still fail commercially if they don’t have the right people working to see them through,” said Eileen Burbidge, partner at Passion Capital and Chair of Tech City UK. 

“Success comes down to execution, and for tech startups this means securing and developing the best technical talent whilst establishing and nurturing a positive culture to retain them. If a founder can rise to that challenge, then they’re well on their way."

Image Credit: Moon Light PhotoStudio / Shutterstock

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