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DevOps necessary for business success

(Image credit: Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

Communication between IT security and software development departments within an organisation isn’t good enough, and if businesses are looking to succeed, this is one of the things they should focus on improving.

This is according to Trend Micro’s new survey of 1,310 IT decision makers from enterprise and SMBs all over the world. Almost three quarters (74 per cent) believe that DevOps initiatives had become more important over the past year, and even more believe communication between departments needs to improve.

Software development and IT security teams need to be in ‘closer contact’. Same goes for developers, security and operations. A third says silos are hindering DevOps implementation.

“History of software development shows that the biggest and best process improvements never happen quickly due to the most valuable variable, people, who have existing behavioural patterns and cultural components,” said Steve Quane, executive vice president of network defence and hybrid cloud security for Trend Micro. “Organisations implementing a DevOps structure are going in a strong direction, but security cannot be forgotten during this transition.”

DevOps implementation is considered a ‘cultural change’, and in order for that to happen, respondents believe they need greater integration between teams, common goals and a shared learning experience across teams.

Quane continued by saying, “Regardless of where an organisation is in their journey, there are new tools that bake security into the development process while automating rapid deployment of security at the same time as reducing risk and ensuring compliance.”