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Digital admin and device fatigue among most-hated office tasks

(Image credit: Image Credit: Christina Morillo / Pexels)

Among all of the different office tasks people despise, data entry is apparently the one they hate the most. 

Polling more than 10,000 office workers around the world, Automation Anywhere’s report claims that general data entry aside, people also hate managing email traffic and filing digital documents.

The same report says that employees need roughly 60 hours a month (2.5 hours a day) to handle digital admin tasks, and almost three quarters believe these tasks “get in the way” of their main jobs and key assignments.

On a global scale, more than half of the polled employees said they’d consider a new job if digital admin started taking too much of their time. However – deciding exactly how much is too much, could prove to be tricky, especially as the same report states that almost half of the respondents stay after hours due to admin tasks. They say it often impacts their personal lives, as well.

“The research is clear. Worker productivity and morale are negatively impacted by the volume of repetitive manual business processes that characterize their workday, said Stephen DeWitt, Chief Strategy Officer at Automation Anywhere.

“Freeing workers to focus on higher value tasks is the fundamental promise of a digital workforce. Companies embracing this immediately derive a competitive edge in worker productivity and a huge boost in the ability to attract and retain their valuable talent.”