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Digital transformation: C-suite "much more" involved than before, AWS boss says

(Image credit: Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK )

Today’s CEOs are much more involved in the cloud transformation of their business than they were a decade ago, according to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy. In an exclusive interview with Silicon Angle, Jassy discussed the current position of AWS in the market, how cloud moves as an industry, and what businesses can expect going forward.

One thing is for sure – the higher echelons of business are increasingly paying attention to the cloud and their migration from on-premise infrastructure.

“In the first 10 years of AWS, a lot of the movement, a lot of the experimentation, a lot of the migrations were driven by frustrated developers, frustrated engineering managers, architects, line of business managers. Those still happen today, with the CIO getting involved a little bit later, but before, the CEO wasn’t that involved in the decision.”

Things are different today.

“Today this is being driven much more top-down than it was before, and they’re big strategic decisions.”

It’s his opinion that very few companies will own their own data centres in the future, and those that do, will “cover a small footprint.”

“The vast majority of workloads will go to the cloud. We’re just at the beginning — there’s so much more to happen.”

According to Jessy, the biggest challenge with digital transformation isn’t technical, but rather intellectual. “You have to get the senior leadership team aligned and convinced that you’re going to make the change. Once that team is aligned, you have to set an aggressive top-down goal that forces the org to move faster than it organically otherwise would.”

You can read the full exclusive story here.

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