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Digital transformation success relies on customer experience

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Organisations that focus their digital transformation efforts on improving customer experience (CX) and employee productivity have the highest growth from a profit and revenue perspective according to new research from Avaya and IDC. 

The new report “Digital Transformation: The Key to Getting it Right”, was unveiled at Experience Avaya Manchester and highlighted the need for businesses to focus their transformation efforts on employee productivity and efficiency to drive better customer experiences.

The report found that a digital transformation strategy that supports employees provides a solid foundation for organisations to improve their CX.  Employee productivity is often considered a prerequisite for CX since informed employees that are satisfied at their jobs equal a better customer experience. 

While many organisations focus on transforming how their front office operates in regard to CX, it is often the case that CX is only as good as the back office and internal processes supporting it.  According to Avaya's report, many organisations are still struggling to get their back office processes right with 42 percent of consumer issuers or transactions not resolved on first contact. 

Consumers consider 'timely delivery' as the third most important factor in the buying process though less than a third of organisations (28%) think they're doing a good job integrating back office functions with the front office. 

Solutions Marketing Director at Avaya, Natalie Keightley provided further insight on the result of the research, saying: 

“What is evident from this research is that a positive CX is really dependent on first having a positive employee experience. And the key to addressing that revolves around embedding communications into the organisation, and having it provide a solid core for organisations to extend CX across their business processes. The issue we’re seeing is that digital transformation projects are mostly seen as just IT transformation projects. Yet when it comes to the digital transformation of business communications, IT and the lines-of-business need to share the ownership of the initiatives to ensure that the value of the transformation is full realized from employee experience all the way out to the customer experience.”  

Image Credit: Jirsak / Shutterstock  

Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.