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Disabled workers are being let down by workplace technology

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Disabled workers are hardly having the time of their life in the office, as outdated technology is limiting their opportunities (opens in new tab). This is according to a new report from Citrix, which claims that almost three quarters of IT decision makers agree with this statement, despite almost all (92 per cent) knowing the tech to support these workers is out there.

The report suggests that there is a disconnect between how businesses prepare their work for people with disabilities, and what such workers actually need (opens in new tab). A quarter believe most UK businesses aren’t prepared for them, and more than a third (37 per cent) believe only some businesses are able to support disabled workers.

But the will to make things work does exist. Most IT departments in most UK businesses are set up in a way which supports workforce diversification (opens in new tab). The budget is there, as well. They’re employing people with disabilities. On top of it all, most CIOs or IT department bosses are discussing it with both HR and the wider C-suite.

More than half of IT leaders believe their organisation values diversification, while a third (31 per cent) confirmed they’re in the planning stages for such principles.

Yet, a quarter of disabled knowledge workers believe their companies aren’t taking into consideration the impact of new technologies. For almost half, this impact is considered ‘sometimes’.

“Many IT departments are playing a pivotal role in improving workforce diversification by collaborating closely with HR and senior business leaders. Yet efforts to set aside budget and deploy the right technology do not go far enough. Businesses must follow through on their pledges and adapt workplace culture if they are to create an environment which enables a truly diverse workforce,” said Darren Fields, regional vice president, UK & Ireland, Citrix.

Sead Fadilpašić
Sead Fadilpašić

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