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Do you know how many UK businesses never heard of NCSC?

(Image credit: Image Credit: Andrea Danti / Shutterstock)

Have you ever heard of NCSC? If not, then you're among the 41 per cent of UK businesses that have never heard of the National Cyber Security Centre, claims Thales e-Security. 

The company's report will be officially released during the CyberUK 2017 event, that's just kicked off in Liverpool. It is based on a poll of 1,000 UK businesses. 

Besides claiming that 41 per cent of UK businesses had never heard of the NCSC, it also states that 43 per cent have heard of NCSC but are unsure as to how the organisation can help their business.

More than half (55 per cent) believe the government should be offering much, or a bit more, support to help businesses comply with upcoming regulations. They also believe the government should help organisations tackle threats, as well.

Twenty per cent would not be happy to share any of their information on cyber security threats with other businesses, or NCSC, it was said.

“It has never been more important for the private and public sector to work together to raise awareness of cyber threats, and promote education around how best to prevent and manage the growing number of threats,“ commented Louise Bulman, VP of Thales e-Security UK and Ireland. 

“In this ever more precarious threat landscape, there needs to be a proactive approach to cyber security defences and more joined up thinking if we are to stand a chance in the fight against cybercrime.”

“This is why we fully support the launch of the NCSC. We believe this is a major boost for businesses in terms of support, training and resources for those who may well feel overwhelmed by the threat of cyber-attacks. Yet, 41 percent of UK businesses have never heard of the NCSC. Therefore, more needs to be done to educate the private sector on the role of this important organisation. Cyber security companies should do more to promote the capabilities of the NCSC to businesses - acting as a bridge between the two.”

Image Credit: Andrea Danti / Shutterstock