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Dropbox reveals major redesign

(Image credit: / Shutterstock)

Dropbox has unveiled what it calls the biggest user-facing change in the history of the company. 

The redesign also focuses heavily on user experience on all of Dropbox’s platforms, with the company saying the goal was to create an integrated workspace.

According to the company’s announcement, the goal is to create a single workspace where everything comes together – files, work tools, teams, you name it. Users can now create shortcuts to web content, add links to Trello boards, news articles or Wikipedia pages. There is an integrated search bar that allows users to search for files stored anywhere on the Dropbox platform.

Basically, the desktop and mobile apps, as well as native Slack, Atlassian and Zoom integrations all got a fairly big update.

G Suite synergy has also gotten an upgrade. Users can now create, open, edit and share all Docs, Sheets and Slides files directly in Dropbox.

They also mentioned native integrations with Slack, Atlassian and Zoom, which include integrated workflows. Users can, for example, send files to Slack directly from Dropbox, or share Dropbox files within Slack.

All Dropbox users can give the new service a spin, the company said, through the early access program. New features are expected to roll out in the coming weeks, as well.

“And this is just the first step,” the company says. “Be on the lookout for more announcements about how Dropbox will help you bring together your content, your tools, and your team.” / Shutterstock