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Email attacks having major effect on businesses

(Image credit: Image Credit: Evannovostro / Shutterstock)

Email attacks have had, and continue to have a significant impact on businesses, both in the financial aspect, and otherwise. This is according to a new report by Barracuda, based on a poll of 660 executives, individual contributors and team managers serving in IT-security roles in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

The report states that the most common effects include failing employee productivity, downtime and business disruption, as well as a ruined IT team reputation.

IT teams are also more stressed out at work, as they worry about email security at all times, including outside working hours. They’re often forced to work at nights and on the weekends, to fix burning issues.

Looking at the types of threats which cause the most frustration and damage, the report says phishing is the number one concern, followed by ransomware. Almost half (43 per cent) of organisations have been a victim of a spear-phishing attack in the past 12 months.

The cost of the attack is always increasing, with a quarter saying they had to pay more than $100,000 to remedy an attack.

“Based on the success and proliferation of email-based attacks, IT security professionals will need to stay focused on the evolution and escalation of phishing, ransomware, and other threats and improve email security that goes beyond the traditional gateway,” the company said.

Employees are, as usual, the company’s weakest link, as most of them aren’t really good at spotting phishing emails.