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Emails are still the leading cybersecurity worry

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/kpatyhka)

Out of all potential cybersecurity threats businesses are facing on daily basis, email seems to be their biggest concern. According to a new report by Barracuda, 94 per cent of organisations consider email their top security vulnerability.

Their worry is most likely well placed, given that the respondents expect email threats to increase in the coming years. Three quarters reported a steady increase in email attacks in the past three years.

Half of businesses surveyed for the report were victims of a ransomware attack which started with a malicious payload delivered via email. A third have had their business email compromised, and three quarters have been hit by brandjacking, a type of attack in which a brand gets impersonated.

Hackers usually target finance departments, it was said, but hackers are also keeping a close eye on customer support departments, as well.

Barracuda believes the key to a solid cybersecurity posture is proper employee training.

“Any organisation going down this route should do so with care, as if we know anything about cyber attackers, it’s that they’re always trying new ways to catch their victims out,” they said.

“In the longer term, the right combination of technology and security awareness training is the key to email attack protection,” the company added.

Even though businesses are increasingly turning towards chat apps such as Slack for a number of communication and collaboration activities, Barracuda believes these tools aren’t as interesting to hackers as email is.

Image source: Shutterstock/kpatyhka