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Employees admit to using corporate tools for social purposes

(Image credit: Image Credit: Geralt / Pixabay)

During coronavirus lockdown, a third of home workers have used company devices and accounts for private activities, putting their organisations at risk of a data breach.

This is according to a new report from identity and access management company OneLogin. Based on a poll of 5,000 remote workers, the report states that a third of workers reported using corporate Zoom accounts to virtually meet with friends and relatives.

Approximately a third of those (30 percent) have had their accounts compromised, with 10 percent failing to change their login details after the incident.

The report also identifies disparities in the approaches of different nations. For example, remote workers in the US and the Republic of Ireland are “far more likely” to use corporate Zoom accounts for online socialising, compared to the UK. They were also most likely to use company devices for streaming services.

Part of the problem, OneLogin suggests, is the fact that many organisations did not establish clear cybersecurity guidelines for remote workers when lockdown first began.

“As the lines between personal and corporate worlds continue to blur, it’s critical that organizations adopt technology and policies that make it as simple as possible for employees to keep systems secure,” said Brad Brooks, CEO and President of OneLogin.