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Employees are being forgotten in digital transformation journey

digital transformation audit
(Image credit: Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock)

If businesses want their digital transformation efforts to succeed, they need to pay more attention to the needs and desires of their employees.

This is according to a new report from IFS, which claims that low employee buy-in, as well as a lack of employee engagement, were identified as key reasons digital transformation efforts often fail.

Some executives are aware of this fact and still decide to do very little about it. The IFS report claims that more than a quarter of businesses acknowledge the importance of employees in their digital transformation initiatives, and more than a third involved their Human Resources (HR) department in the process.

But the involvement of HR was described as a more of a “tick-box exercise", rather than an effort to truly ensure employees are on board with the changes.

It makes sense to engage employees more deeply in these changes, the report concludes, because better tech results in higher employee retention.

“People can act as both an enabler and a barrier in transformation projects,” said Jane Keith, Chief Human Resources Officer at IFS.

“This report drives home the point that if digital transformation is kept human centric and if change management is handled effectively and employees are aware and inspired to support the transformation, the business is much more likely to reap success. Staff involvement should not be seen as a just a tick-box exercise but as the secret sauce that will ultimately determine the outcome.”