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Employees are losing two working weeks a year to IT downtime

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IT downtime and other technology-related issues are a much larger problem than businesses can accurately quantify, according to a new report from Nexthink.

The report claims that approximately half of workplace technology issues are not even reported to IT, making identifying the actual scope and cost of the problem far more challenging.

According to Nexthink, employees lose almost half an hour every time they encounter an IT-related problem. Most IT decision-makers believe employees experience roughly two such issues every week, resulting in 50 wasted hours a year. 

However, given that half of all issues are not reported, it is fair to conclude that 100 lost hours a year could be a more accurate figure.

Nexthink estimates a company with 10,000 employees, for example, loses almost $500,000 a week (or $25 million a year) due to productivity lost to technology-related issues.

Many employees look to solve IT-related issues on their own, creating what the report calls a “vicious circle”. In other words, by tackling these issues themselves they engage less with the IT department  and, consequently, IT lacks full visibility into issued face by employees.

“Every day, employees settle for small IT glitches – slow boot-up times, patchy internet connectivity, programs crashing etc., but these problems go unreported, unnoticed and amount to more wasted time than we’d like to admit,” said Jon Cairns, VP of Global Solution Consulting at Nexthink.

“Combined, all of this hurts productivity, morale, organisational culture, employee retention and ultimately the top and bottom line for millions of businesses. Add in the fact that so many of us are all working remotely during the current crisis and the problem may be much bigger than the research shows.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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