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Employees are 'using less than half of their brains' at work

(Image credit: / Pressmaster)

If you've ever thought you might be overqualified for the job you're doing, you're most probably right.

A new study by shared employee intelligence company Starmind suggests employees use just 38 percent of their knowledge and expertise at work. In other words, they're using less than half of their brain during working hours.

For Starmind, this is a business problem, because it’s the organisation’s responsibility to “adequately unlock” the intellectual capital and brainpower of the workforce.

Many employees (61 percent) feel they could contribute more, and 65 percent say their organisations aren’t even aware of the knowledge and the skills they possess. To make matters even worse, three quarters (75 percent) are confident their knowledge would be very beneficial to their organisation.

Further, the report states almost two thirds (61 percent) of workers can’t find the information they need to do their job effectively and 57 percent don’t know who to ask. For that reason, more more than half avoid asking questions altogether.

For Starmind’s CEO Oliver Muhr, the inability to quickly access organisational intelligence is a a “huge productivity burden”.

“Failing to find, unlock and share knowledge effectively not only leads to a duplication of work and time wasted but makes brain drain a real threat," he said.

"As the war for talent, expertise and skills heats up, organisations need to do more to make use of their collective brainpower and skills. Giving employees on-demand access to the information they need can plug productivity holes, enable them to excel in their job and solve problems quickly.”