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Enterprise IT is getting worried about vendor lock-in

(Image credit: Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock)

Virtually all IT executives are struggling with architecture modernisation and corporate data architectures – data silos. Vendor lock-in was mentioned as something IT execs are particularly worried about.

This is according to DataStax’s new report, IT Architecture Modernisation Trends. Based on a poll of more than 300 IT execs, working in companies with 5,000 employees and more, the report says that modernising architecture is both necessary and hard. 

All of them are modernising their technology architecture as they understand it reduces costs, improves both customer and employee satisfaction, and allows the organisation to make decisions based on tangible data instead of gut feelings.

For eight in ten (85 per cent) having a flexible cloud solution is paramount. Three quarters (72 per cent) are opting for hybrid cloud, and pretty much everyone is worried about potential vendor lock-in.

Among the biggest motivators behind architecture modernisation are data silos – huge mountains of data that reside separated from each other, preventing businesses to combine them for better insights.

The report also says that businesses are increasingly growing fond towards open source software.

“What this report makes clear is that data is certainly the hardest part of architecture modernization,” said DataStax SVP and Chief Product Officer Robin Schumacher. “While the cloud makes so many things around architectures much easier, it also creates additional data-related challenges. DataStax helps enterprises face those challenges so that architecture modernization goes from a daunting task to one that makes it easier for them to out-innovate their competition.”