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Equinix investing £26m in its biggest Britain-based data centre

Equinix, one of the world's biggest data centre providers, will invest serious money in Britain's biggest data centre, according to The Telegraph. The media reports suggest that the flagship centre in Slough is getting a £26m upgrade to its LD6 facility, resulting in the doubling of its capacities. This is particularly interesting, knowing the results of the Brexit vote. 

The laws of the European Union say that businesses managing EU citizen data, need to store that information within the EU – physically. The decision to invest this kind of money into a data centre which will essentially be outside the EU soon, has been made before Brexit.  

However, Equinix says the referendum results didn't discourage the company. “We knew the referendum was looming when we made the decision but the key drivers for demand will still be present for us. There have been periods of financial instability before and throughout that we’ve continued to invest in the business and build new data centres,” said Michael Winterson, managing director of Equinix Services. 

London will continue being the 'nervous centre' for data flows, even after Britain abandons the EU, he added. Equinix acquired British data centre company Telecity last year, for £2.35 billion.  

As businesses continue their aggressive migration into the cloud, more data centres will be required. It is a huge business opportunity for customers, who have the opportunity to scale faster, keep data safer and minimise management costs. At the same time, it is also a huge opportunity for data centre providers, as this is a market that is still in expansion.

Image Credit: Equinix