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EU chief: European companies equipped to build 5G infrastructure

(Image credit: / Who Is Danny)

Banning Huawei from building EU’s 5G infrastructure would not necessarily delay the rollout of high speed networks, one of the organisation's top dipolmats has said.

EU industrial policy chief Thierry Breton has hit back at claims from some officials that shutting out the Chinese giant would slow the 5G rollout process by five to ten years.

Speaking at the DLD Conference in Munich on Sunday, the former French finance minister said it was true that setting up 5G would require tighter security rules, especially compared to 4G and 3G technologies. Still, banning Huawei from the mix (as part of those “strict security measures”) doesn’t necessarily mean huge delays.

“Setting up strict security conditions will not create delays in the roll out of 5G in Europe,” Breton said. “Europe, including Germany of course, is on track. We are not, and won’t be, late in Europe on the deployment of 5G.”

Earlier this month, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer claimed that banning Huawei would mean the EU would be at least five years behind the world in 5G, maybe even 10 years.

The EU is being pressed by the United States to ban Huawei. American diplomats claim Huawei is a threat to national security, as its infrastructure could be used by the Chinese government to spy on the communications made through the network.

Huawei says the allegations are a bunch of nonsense and that its infrastructure is as secure, if not even more secure, than the competition.

The Americans have said they’d withhold valuable intel from countries that accept Huawei.