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EU diplomatic messages intercepted by hackers

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/kpatyhka)

A group of hackers has been intercepting and reading messages exchanged by European Union diplomats over the last three years, reports have claimed.

The BBC reports that a cybersecurity group called Area 1 uncovered the breach and has pointed fingers at the Chinese government. Area 1 says that the methods used to eavesdrop on the conversations are similar to those that the Chinese military had previously used.

"After over a decade of experience countering Chinese cyber-operations... there is no doubt this campaign is connected to the Chinese government," one Area 1 cybersecurity expert said.

All kinds of different messages were intercepted. However, from what we know, nothing confidential or secret, was exposed. The messages we're seeing surface from the hack are, more or less, common knowledge.

In one occasion, the diplomats described a July meeting between Trump and Putin as 'successful (at least for Putin)', while in another, they said that the Chinese president Xi Jinping says China wouldn't submit to bullying from Washington even if it hurt everybody.

China has been accused of spying on its adversaries in the west on multiple occasions. Besides hacks and data breaches, it is also accused of forcing Huawei into doing its bidding. Consequently, many countries in the west are refusing to allow Huawei an opportunity to build their 5G networks.

Image source: Shutterstock/kpatyhka