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EU nations making major progress in elevating Open Data

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo)

The number of countries that are spearheading the implementation of Open Data policies has nearly doubled this year.

Capgemini Consulting’s third annual report measuring the state of play of Open Data in Europe has revealed that compared to last year’s eight, there are now 14 nations engaged in the practice. 

The report, titled “Open Data Maturity in Europe 2017: Open Data for a European Data Economy”, says these trendsetters are developing additional portal features, as well as understanding and documenting Open Data impact.

According to the report, EU governments have done more than just prioritised Open Data. They are ‘engaging in a race to the top’. The majority demonstrates a solid understanding of the impact of Open Data in paving the way for data economy, it was said.

EU countries have a 72 per cent score when it comes to Open Data readiness for 2017, compared to 57 per cent a year before. Overall maturity has risen 10 per cent, from 66 per cent in 2016 to 76 per cent in 2017.

“The impressive results from the 2017 measurement show that Public Sector Information is increasingly recognised as an asset for digital innovation in light of the data economy,” says Wendy Carrara, principal consultant at Capgemini Consulting, who is managing the European Data Portal on behalf of the European Commission. 

“Furthermore, data is at the heart of the Artificial Intelligence revolution. European countries must continue with their efforts in improving user experience, data quality and continued release of increasing amounts of data in order to reap the benefits Open Data brings to society.”

EU countries have completed 59 per cent of their Open Data journey in 2017, up 15 per cent. Key success factors “are based on a drive for constant change and updates, a strategic vision for both policy and portal infrastructure, a deeper understanding of impact and a dedicated team that is pro-actively attentive to their environment.”

 For the full report, visit this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo