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Europe making good progress on open data

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje)

Europe has not yet reached its full potential, when it comes to Open Data-driven transformation, according to new research.

A report by Capgemini Invent which gave Europe a maturity score of 65 per cent, with some dimensions where the continent has made “very good progress”, and others where more action is still needed.

Overall policy maturity sits at 82 per cent this year, which the report comments as a “solid foundation”. Against it, countries are now focused on different things. Less mature Open Data countries are modernising their national portals, while more advanced ones are shifting focus towards data quality. Ireland, Spain and France, EU’s top performers, are focused on monitoring and capturing the impact derived from Open Data reuse.

“We see maturity in the varying speeds and challenges that we’ve assessed and measured this year,” said Gianfranco Cecconi, Principal Consultant at Capgemini Invent managing the European Data Portal on behalf of the European Commission.  “It is an illustration of how the European countries are striving to meaningfully move beyond the basics, such as the right policy and the right portal, to deliver consistent and sustainable impact.”

The report concludes saying there’s a need for a more strategic action, enabling faster progress at national level. It also says there is ‘urgency to develop a strategic awareness around Open Data reuse and impact”. Demonstrating this impact will remain the main challenge for national Open Data decision-makers.

Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje