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European Commission 'straying away' from Digital Single Market, tech leaders warn

The digital market in Europe's strongest countries needs to be more relaxed, otherwise it will hurt innovation. This is the message sent to the European Commission (EC) by leading voices in Europe's digital economy.  

The message revolves around the Digital Single Market – an initiative welcomed by digital companies. It is also one which the EU is slowly steering away from, which these companies see as cause for alarm. techUK, Syntec Numerique and Bitkom have expressed their concerns that current EC proposals are “straying from this objective in too many areas”, that they’re “overly proscriptive”, and “to embrace benefits of the digital revolution”. 

The companies have called on policymakers to give more priority to trade, data flows and innovation.  

“Today, we reiterate our call to policymakers to deliver a Digital Single Market that embraces change, and makes it easier not harder for businesses to innovate,” said Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, CEO of Bitkom.  

“The future success of our three digital economies will depend on delivering a simpler not complex regulatory environment. At present, there are worrying signs that the Commission is heading in the wrong direction.” 

“The tech communities across our three countries are deeply committed to achieving a positive and smooth transition as the UK changes the nature of its relationship with the European Union,” added Julian David, CEO of techUK.  

“Digital commerce between our three countries will be fundamental as the UK forges its new future after the referendum. Challenges and opportunities lie ahead on all sides, but together we can ensure our close economic ties continue to grow for the benefit of all our economies.”

Image source: Shutterstock/OPOLJA