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European countries moving closer to reaping benefits of Open Data

To mark the opening day of the International Open Data Conference, Capgemini Group released a new report (opens in new tab) which states that 81 per cent of the EU28+ countries now have a dedicated Open Data policy. This represents a 'large increase', as the company puts it, compared to last year's 69 per cent. Data portals are also maturing, now scoring an overall maturity score of 64.3 per cent, compared to 41.7 per cent a year ago. 

They offer different formats, downloads, have more data and consequently – more traffic.  EU28+ comprises of members of the European Union, plus Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. These countries have completed more than half (57 per cent) of their journey towards a full Open Data implementation, jumping 28.6 per cent compared to 2015. There are now more than two thirds (68 per cent) with integrated dedicated Open Data policy, up from 59 per cent.  

The report also offers a few steps to policy makers and other departments which handle Open Data policies, to help countries make even better progress and reach higher levels of maturity.  It states that the implementation of Open Data strategies must be finalised, with the emphasis on the importance of a legal structure. It also says automated processes should be developed, to collect data from public administrations and focus on coherent metadata quality.  

“European governments are waking up to the importance of Open Data to improve everything from city planning and transportation to pollution levels and emergency services,” says Dinand Tinholt, VP and EU lead at Capgemini.  

“However, some public administrations still jealously guard their data to sell it, or are secretive and refrain from sharing with others. All governments need to realise the fact that the usefulness of data grows exponentially when it is shared and used by all.”

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