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European executives lead the way in cyber-awareness

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Rabbit_Photo)

A greater proportion of European executives consider cybersecurity part of their business mission than their American counterparts, a new report from Trend Micro suggests.

The report claims that 73 percent of European business and IT leaders view cybersecurity, either partially or entirely, as a business area. At the same time, just above half (58 percent) of their peers in North America said the same. 

European businesses are also more mature in areas such as GRC, or third-party risk management. On the other hand, they are not investing heavily in application security, security engineering/SDLC or endpoint security.

Furthermore, in four out of five European organizations, mulitple board members are knowledgeable about cybersecurity. Trend Micro also found 82 percent of the report’s respondents said they were more engaged with security, compared to two years ago.

But organizations are far from the finish line. Less than half rated their C-level execs’ commitment to cybersecurity as adequate, and more than half described their company-wide commitment to cyber-hygiene as poor.

“The GDPR has forced closer collaboration between cybersecurity and the business among European organizations, as this study clearly shows. But while this is laudable, it’s disappointing to see areas like application and endpoint security still being neglected,” said Camilla Currin, Cybersecurity Consultant at Trend Micro. 

“These will be crucial for organizations to drive the kind of secure digital transformation projects on which post-pandemic growth must be built. The first stage is getting the board to understand the strategic criticality of cyber to business success.”