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Every second business hit by ransomware last year

Incredibly depressing news regarding ransomware attacks against enterprises coming out of SentinelOne this morning. The endpoint security firm released a report which says that out of 500 businesses in the UK, US, France and Germany, almost half (48 per cent) have been attacked by ransomware in the past 12 months. Even more depressing, out of those attacked, 81 per cent have been victims to three or more attacks. Almost every time (94 per cent) a ransomware attack happened, it forced the company to change its direction a bit, regarding cybersecurity. 

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) don't trust traditional cybersecurity techniques, and 44 per cent don't think antivirus solutions are worth the trouble. In every fifth instance (22 per cent), a senior IT executive got fired over ransomware. The report claims that employee information, financial data and customer information are the three data types most affected by these attacks. 

The motives are usually financial gain, operational disruption and cyber espionage. “These results point to a significant shift for ransomware - it’s no longer just a tool for cybercrime, but now also a tool for cyber terrorism and espionage,” claims Tony Rowan, Chief Security Consultant at SentinelOne. 

“Hackers are gaining access to sensitive assets by tricking users, and this is a problem that cannot be removed with more walls and training,” concluded Rowan. 

“Security is at a point of crisis, and customers and vendors must both instigate change. There’s an immediate need for a new generation of security technologies that can discover, adapt and stop the new breed of threats as they happen.” 

SentinelOne’s full report can be found on this link.   

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