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Facebook drops appeal against UK Cambridge Analytica fine

(Image credit: Future)

Facebook is dropping all appeals against the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and will be paying earlier imposed fines, the media have reported this Wednesday.

The UK’s watchdog had fined Facebook some $650,000 over its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year, saying Facebook exposed UK citizens’ private data to risk.

Facebook responded with an appeal to the fine, but it only made matters worse for the social media giant, as the ICO responded with a counter-appeal.

Facebook said it "wished it had done more to investigate Cambridge Analytica" earlier.

James Dipple-Johnstone, deputy commissioner of the ICO said: "The ICO's main concern was that UK citizen data was exposed to a serious risk of harm. Protection of personal information and personal privacy is of fundamental importance, not only for the rights of individuals, but also as we now know, for the preservation of a strong democracy."

Facebook’s lawyer Harry Kinmonth said the company had changed its policies to restrict which data third party app developers have access to. "The ICO has stated that it has not discovered evidence that the data of Facebook users in the EU was transferred to Cambridge Analytica," he added.

"However, we look forward to continuing to cooperate with the ICO's wider and ongoing investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes."

The ICO claims Facebook could have done a lot more to protect its users’ data.