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Facebook is making it easier to protect your work online

(Image credit: Image Credit: Katherine Welles / Shutterstock)

Protecting intellectual property, especially when it comes to images, has been a particularly challenging task for social media companies.

With this in mind, Facebook has taken measures to better protect content creators and eliminate unauthorized sharing of content across its social network.

Earlier this week, the company’s Product Manager for Creator and Publisher Experience, Dave Axelgard, announced the company would be expanding its Rights Manager to cover images as well.

Rights Manager for Images is a new version of the tool that uses image matching technology, which should in theory allow creators and publishers to protect their work.

Anyone looking to access Rights Manager should submit an application for the content they have created and are looking to protect. Rights Manager will then look for matching content on both Facebook and Instagram.

The tool can be adjusted to cover either the entire world or just certain locations, allowing for a more granular approach sometimes necessary when it comes to rights ownership.

Facebook also stressed it has a “fast and effective” IT reporting system, a repeat infringer policy, as well as other measures put in place to protect content creators.