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Fake Donald Trump ransomware is targeting US users

(Image credit: Pixabay)

One of the more common frauds that can be found on the internet is when people are being tricked into believing their computers are infected with a virus. If the fraud is successful, the victims would download a program they would think is an antivirus, but instead – would be the malware.

In similar vein, cybersecurity researchers from Cisco Talos Group spotted a fake ransomware called Trump.exe. It tries to trick people into thinking their computer is infected with a ransomware and that all of their files would remain encrypted and unavailable unless a ransom is paid.

“These samples didn't always encrypt the data properly or at all, but nonetheless, they could lead users to believe that their data was lost. Victims could also be tricked into paying a ransom demand in an attempt to regain access to their data, generating revenue for attackers,” wrote Cisco’s Nick Biasini and Edmund Brumaghin.

The same group also found the “Donald Trump Screen of Death” a screen locker that tricks users into thinking they’re locked out of Windows.

Donald Trump, but other politicians, too, are often used by hackers as means of drawing attention to themselves. Talos says that Putin's name and face is also often used on different malware and ransomware strains. Other political figures, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin and others, are also used, especially during the times of political campaigns.

Sead Fadilpašić

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