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Few IT professionals are equipped to support a return to the office

remote working
(Image credit: Image Credit: llaszlo / Shutterstock)

Many IT professionals struggled to enable remote working for employees when lockdown began, and many will likely struggle to support a return to the office too, according to a new report from security firm One Identity.

Polling 1216 IT security pros for the report, One Identity found that less than half (45 percent) of respondents felt prepared for the IT changes that will be necessary when it comes to return to the office.

When the lockdown first began in March, just a third described their transition to remote working as “smooth”. However, the majority (66 percent) are now confident their identity management programs are effective and they also consider cloud infrastructure more important than a year ago.

“The Covid pandemic did not change the need to be productive, nor did it change the regulatory compliance requirements companies face, and clearly IT and security teams scrambled to shift their systems to accommodate work from home in a secure and controlled way,” said Darrell Long, President and GM at One Identity.

“IT and security teams were helped to an extent by cloud investments that prepared them, but most are still dealing with remote IT challenges as employees adapt.”

Virtually all IT pros agree that the Covid-19 pandemic significantly sped up the transition into the cloud and into a remote working environment.

The changes brought about by the pandemic will also likely have a permanent effect on the world of work, with the majority of the workforce not particularly eager to return to the office. However, employees are also uninterested in remaining at home full-time, and would prefer to operate under a hybrid model going forward.