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Six in ten Brits never heard of GDPR

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio)

Have you heard of the EU GDPR? If you have, you’re among the lucky 33 per cent of British adults who have. The rest (62.9 per cent, to be exact), have never heard of the regulation. This is according to a new report by cloud security firm Netskope. 

The company surveyed 2,000 British adults and concludes that there is a great opportunity for employers to do more in 2017 and get their staff on board. A fifth (23.1 per cent) of Brits understand EU GDPR, but just a tenth (9.6 per cent) have ‘detailed knowledge’ of the regulation. Furthermore, almost a third (29.7 per cent) have been informed about GDPR by their employer, while a fifth (21 per cent) said they’d been offered ‘plenty’ of information. 

Just one per cent were able to guess the maximum fine for failing to comply with the GDPR. And finally, a fifth (21.4 per cent) of Brits thought the fine would fall between 1 and 1,000 euros. The regulation is less than a year and a half away. It will come into force in May 2018, and it will strictly regulate how digital businesses handle data of EU citizens.  Fines are draconic, to say the least. 

They can go up to €20 million, or four per cent of the company’s global revenue, whichever is greater. Now is the time to get acquainted with the GDPR, and you can start from this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio