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Fujitsu Forum 2016: Did somebody say digital disruption?

If there's one term that encapsulates the world of technology in 2016 - apart from perhaps cyber security - it has to be digital transformation. Pretty much every technology company is talking about it and it's affecting organisations of all sizes in all industries.

Tokyo-based tech titan Fujitsu, as you would guess, is no exception. At its Forum event in Munich this week, Fujitsu left no room for doubt as to where its attention will be focused in the coming months, with the theme of digital transformation (accompanied by familiar faces 'disruption' and 'revolution') leaving room for little else.

Duncan Tait, Director and Corporate Executive Officer, EVP and Head of EMEAIA, kicked things off at the event's press conference, describing digital transformation as “a phenomenon affecting everything and everyone.”

He continued: “I used to say this was the most fundamental thing to have happened to our world since the industrial revolution. I am now convinced that I was completely wrong about that. What is going on in the world with this digital revolution, is the most fundamental thing to have happened to our world since human beings were able to communicate with each other. As soon as we were able to communicate, our species exploded and took over the planet and this thing about digital transformation, revolution, whatever you want to call it, is as fundamental as that point in history.”

He continued the rhetoric in the Wednesday morning keynote, saying: "This revolution is changing the way we work, create, invent, sell, collaborate and even the way we think.

“In industry after industry the walls are coming down, boundaries are being blurred, as organisation realise the possibilities that a hyper connected world brings. They’re transforming their businesses to create new value at enormous speed and many know they’re organisations will not exist in the same form in just a few years.”

Event Fujitsu president Tatsuya Tanaka got in on the act, talking about how “digital transformation is delivering many innovations around the world,” declaring that "the power of technology grows every day."

The event coincided with the release of new research carried out by Fujitsu, with  98 per cent of respondents saying that digital has disrupted their business and over half (52 per cent) believing that their business will not exist in its current form in five years time.

“Digital is not only disrupting internal processes and customer service, it is changing the face of the UK business community itself," said Lucy Dimes, Chief Executive, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. "Business leaders know they need to not only keep up but digitalise faster, with confidence, strategy and ultimately, success.”

Of course, it wouldn't be a technology conference without security getting a look in and Fujitsu ticked this box with the announcement of a new cyber security business across the EMEIA region, focused on strengthening businesses' resilience against cyber attacks.