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Fujitsu says trust can be the new keyword for technology

Technology needs to become more trustworthy in order to really benefit mankind, Fujitsu has said.

During the opening keynote at its Fujitsu Forum event in Tokyo, company CEO Tatsuya Tanaka outlined its goal to provide technology that is underpinned by trust.

“Our company mission is to create a prosperous future, by bringing happiness and well-being to people through technology,” he told the audience.

Trust is the company’s “keyword” for 2019, Tanaka said, playing a key role in helping promote safe and successful digital transformation as Fujitsu itself transitions away from its previous hardware focus towards software and services.

“We ask ourselves what will be needed to promote digital transformation among businesses, and what is needed for people around the world to feel safe? 

“Our answer to these questions is trust towards technology, and technology to underpin trust.”

Much like its home country, which recently began a new imperial era, Fujitsu is also set for a major internal change, with Tanaka set to step down as CEO to become the new company President.

His replacement, Takahito Tanaka, who has spent the last four years heading up the Fujitsu Global Delivery Group in London, also took to the stage to outline his drive to help the company create more trusted technology services.

“I want to make sure Fujitsu will underpin the trust of our customers’ businesses, a future where people can believe and trust technology,” he said

“This is the kind of future we want to contribute to,” 

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

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