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Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

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Fujitsu has revealed a new AI system which could lead to patient wait and processing times being slashed.

The new system is able to process medical notes and health records in much faster time than a human eye - achieving more than 90 percent improvement in terms of time saved.

It may be a staple of medical comedy that doctors have traditionally bad handwriting, but Fujitsu says that its system can examine and extract information in less than a minute, compared to the 15 minutes normally required for manual analysis.

With medical professionals increasingly stretched for time when dealing with multiple patients, this technology could greatly improve patient care quality, but also allowing for more patient data to be stored for more in-depth diagnosis.

“Our co-creation strategy with partners such as the San Carlos Clinical Hospital has provided us with an important insight into the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, particularly in terms of supporting clinical decision-making," said Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Adel Rouz. We have succeeded in creating a number of important innovations that are already making a difference to medical professionals’ workflow."

"This latest advance is another step, helping to improve the accuracy of clinical data and automate its digitalisation for hospitals, medical insurance companies and government agencies. We believe that our technology has wider applications and can easily be adapted to solve similar challenges in other domains, such as insurance, legal and compliance.”

Fujitsu says it is now planning to roll out the system to wider institutions later this year.

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