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Fujitsu: Why co-creation can be the key to your digital transformation

(Image credit: Michael Moore)

Collaboration on new technology can help benefit humanity as well as improve business results, the head of Fujitsu has declared.

Speaking at the opening keynote of Fujitsu Forum 2018 in Munich today, company president Tatsuya Tanaka hailed what he called “digital co-creation” as one of the most important factors in technological innovation today.

“We are all in the midst of a major digital transformation - technologies such as AI and IoT will lead to great changes in our business and personal lives,” he said.

“Fujitsu is focused on co-creation - we also believe the fruits of these efforts must be something that benefits people...It is always people who bring about transformation.”

"Fujitsu is a company that uses technology to help bring happiness and well-being to people."

Tanaka outlined how Fujitsu is looking to boost this innovation through its ongoing transition to becoming a “services-oriented” company, moving away from its traditional hardware strong point.

Highlighting the company’s 83-year history, he noted how Fujitsu in the past had shifted from a telecoms provider to hardware, and would now be pivoting to software services.

“With the expansion of ICT, no one company can do everything, he noted, “now we are transforming ourselves into a services-oriented company.”

A key part of this transformation will involve working with customers all around the world, across a number of verticals, with the likes of Microsoft, Natwest and Securitas all mentioned on stage during Tanaka’s keynote

“All over the world, co-creation has now become a new standard in building business success,” he said.

“That is why Fujitsu is upgrading our organisation (with) co-creation for success - by connecting people, we will generate many successes both for you and for society.”

Michael Moore
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