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Fujitsu will introduce permanent remote working for some employees

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay
(Image credit: Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay)

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has revealed it a major overhaul in the way it operates as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Reuters, it will halve its office space in the next three years, sending a part of its workforce to work from home, permanently.

As Fujitsu looks to adapt to the “new normal”, it said approximately 80,000 of its workers in Japan would get flexible hours, as well as the possibility to work from home, whenever they so desire.

“We will overhaul our current work, allowance and welfare framework that is based on the assumption that employees commute to designated offices every day,” Hiroki Hiramatsu, head of the human resources unit, said at a press conference.

Furthermore, Fujitsu will launch “satellite offices” in places where many of its employees live, as well as rent out more shared workspaces.

Covid-19 has been the world’s greatest digital transformation catalyst. With the enforced lockdown and social distancing, remote working has almost become the norm. In such an environment, collaboration and video conferencing tools have skyrocketed in popularity.

Services such as Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Zoom and others, are surging in uses.

With less commuting and more time around their families, employees are reporting a better work/life balance, increased levels of trust and consequently – improved productivity. The environment is also benefitting, as less commuting also means less pollution.

On the flip side, hackers and cybercriminals are taking huge advantage of the large spike in remote workers, tricking many into giving away important data, be it personally identifiable information or payment information.

Businesses are urged to help their employees cope by providing education and training on cybersecurity best practices.

Sead Fadilpašić

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