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Further US Huawei ban comes into force

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As of next week, federal agencies in the United States are no longer allowed to buy gear and services from Huawei and a couple of other Chinese hardware and software manufacturers, according to multiple media reports.

The media are quoting the spokesperson for the Office of Management and Budget with the White House, Jacob Wood, who allegedly said that the administration will “fully comply” with the legislation which the Congress has passed as part of a defence spending bill, last year.

Besides Huawei, it seems as the order will affect ZTE, Hytera and Hikvision.

According to TechCrunch, the government will grant waivers to contractors on a case-by-case basis, but every case will have to be analysed for potential threats to national security.

Huawei spokesperson Chase Skinner this type of behaviour was expected, and that it will challenge the ban in court.

“The NDAA law and its implementing provisions will do nothing to ensure the protection of U.S. telecom networks and systems and rather is trade barrier based on country-of-origin, invoking punitive action without any evidence of wrong doing,” he said. “Ultimately, it will be rural citizens across the U.S. that will be most negatively impacted as the networks they use for digital connectivity rely on Huawei.”

The US government is alleging that Huawei could be working (or could be forced to work) with the Chinese government, allowing it to spy on people that use Huawei’s gear. The US decided to shut Huawei off from all 5G infrastructure projects, and asked its allies to do the same.

The Chinese tech giant was recently blacklisted by the US, which led to Huawei losing support for Android and ARM’s chips.

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