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Gartner: Enterprises must embrace 'business composability' to improve resilience

(Image credit: Image Credit: TeroVesalainen / Pixabay)

To survive and thrive through period of disruption in 2022 and beyond, enterprises must embrace a concept described as “business composability”, according to Gartner.

The analyst firm describes business composability as “the mindset, technologies, and set of operating capabilities that enable organizations to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs”.

The key principle of business composability is modularity to business assets, allowing enterprises to scale and pace, depending on their current state and business ambition.

If a business is to achieve this composability, it needs to deploy two key technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed cloud. According to Gartner, these allow for modular technology capabilities and are, as such, the key catalyst for business composability.

Organizations with high composability can expect greater increases in revenue and IT budget. The average highly composable business expects a 7.7 percent growth in revenue, and 4.2 percent in IT budget, next year.

Still, most organizations (66 percent) are expecting to prioritize increases in their investments in cyber and information security next year, followed by business intelligence/data analytics (51 percent) and cloud platforms (48 percent).

“Most high-composability enterprises set up strategic planning and budgeting as a continuous and iterative activity to adjust to change more easily,” said Monika Sinha, Research VP at Gartner. “Without big deficits to remedy elsewhere, CIOs can afford to invest in composability, especially for IT developers and business architects who can design in a composable manner.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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