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GDPR allowing Brits to sping clean their data

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje)

For Brits, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation will allow them to conduct a sort of ‘spring cleaning’ of companies holding their data. This is according to a new report from the7stars.

The report says GDPR has awoken greater appetite among consumers to take more control over their personal information. Overall awareness of GDPR has doubled in the recent months, the report states, saying consumers are ‘more sharply’ focused on data protection. Almost two thirds (63 per cent) confirmed that GDPR has made them ask themselves ‘how much data others are holding on me’. More than half (57 per cent) will think twice before giving companies access to their data.

Frances Revel of the7stars said: “GDPR has been at the front of mind for brands and marketers for a long time but this latest research shows that, finally, it has made itself known to consumers in a more tangible way.

“Consumers look set to use GDPR as a reason to passively spring-clean the relationships they allow brands to have with them, and it indicates that we will need to work much harder to justify why we, as marketers, have access to their personal information.

“Transparency will be of increasing importance and no longer will brands capitalise on reams of illegible T&Cs. This represents a watershed moment for brands and media owners. We’re poised to enter a new era where far greater control is being placed in the hands of the consumer.”

Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje