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GDPR doesn’t go far enough, IT leaders say

(Image credit: Pixabay)

For all the havoc it caused, GDPR isn’t doing a good enough job regulating the handling and protection of data, IT leaders across the globe agree.

According to a new report from Snow Software, almost all IT leaders and employees consider GDPR insufficient and can see the value of tighter regulations. This sentiment has also grown over the last twelve months, with three quarters of employees saying the same.

The two areas that most demand heightened scrutiny are data protection and cybersecurity, with the latter being of utmost importance to IT leaders. Data collection and encryption, as well as competition and universal connectivity, were also highlighted as potential problem areas.

While the current state of technology regulation has made IT professionals hopeful, this feeling was not shared by the wider workforce. Less than a third (29 percent) of employees felt hopeful about data regulation in 2019, and even fewer felt the same way this year (26 percent).

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a set of rules and regulations enforced across the European Union since 2018. Its goal was to keep organizations that harvest and share EU-based customer data in check, to make sure they protect their customers’ privacy and defend the data from theft and abuse.