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German government set to pay out thousands to keep using Windows 7

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

The Germans failed to migrate to Windows 10 in time, and now they're going to pay Microsoft to extend the support for their Windows 7-powered devices until the migration is complete.

The news first broke out in local German newspaper called Handelsblatt, where it was said that the German government will have to shell out at least $886,000 this year alone, to make sure its Windows 7 devices stay secure.

Further details are showing that Microsoft will be supporting 33,000 devices for the Germans. The cost for the extended support ranges between $25 and $200 per workstation. In Berlin alone, the local government has 20,000 Windows 7 devices, the media claims.

It has been years now since Microsoft announced that on January 15, 2020, it would be ending the support for Windows 7. That means no more patches, no more updates, no more security fixes. Businesses that continue to run Windows 7 even after the end of life date risk being targeted by cybercriminals. Any vulnerability that gets discovered after January 15 will not be handled by Microsoft, unless specific users pay for the patch.

Cybersecurity experts worldwide advise businesses to migrate to newer versions of the operating system, preferably Windows 10, to cut down on costs and reduce risks of potential attacks.

Microsoft’s Extended Security Updates (ESU) feature is limited to large businesses, only.