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Germany bans some iPhone sales

(Image credit: Flickr / Jason Ralston)

Apple is facing another ban on the sale of some of its iPhone models, and this time it's happening on EU soil. 

A judge in Germany had ruled that Apple had in fact infringed on some of Qualcomm's patents, and will now be banned from selling some older iPhone models (namely the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8) in the country.

The sales haven't yet been banned, as Qualcomm says the injuction will be in effect as soon as it posts the required bonds, which will take 'a few days', apparently. Apple did say it will appeal, but the iPhone 7 and 8 models won't be available in its stores during the process.

This is the third lawsuit Qualcomm has fired Apple's way, and the second one that it won. Prior to the Germany case, Qualcomm had secured a ban on iPhones in China. Apple has since promised a software update that would allow it to continue selling in the country.

Issuing a statement about the lawsuit, Apple said Qualcomm's move is a 'desperate attempt to distract from the real issues' between the two.

“Their tactics, in the courts and in their everyday business, are harming innovation and harming consumers. Qualcomm insists on charging exorbitant fees based on work they didn't do and they are being investigated by governments all around the world for their behavior. We are of course disappointed by this verdict and we plan to appeal. All iPhone models remain available to customers through carriers and resellers in 4,300 locations across Germany. During the appeal process, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models will not be available at Apple's 15 retail stores in Germany. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will remain available in all our stores."

"Two respected courts in two different jurisdictions just in the past two weeks have now confirmed the value of Qualcomm's patents and declared Apple an infringer, ordering a ban on iPhones in the important markets of Germany and China,“ Qualcomm's spokesperson said.

Image Credit: Flickr / Jason Ralston

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