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Get Zoolz cloud storage for less in this end of year deal

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Zoolz is one of the challengers fighting to be considered the best cloud storage provider, and is a tribrid cloud storage company, meaning that its service combines external drives with cold (long-term, rarely-accessed) and hot (instant access) cloud storage. 

We noted in our Zoolz review that this means it offers a comprehensive setup for managing business data, meaning it competes with the best cloud storage for business on this level. All plans have strong encryption, and the Zoolz BigMIND platform separately offers artificial-intelligence powered cloud storage with enhanced settings and tools.

Zoolz has provided a series of deals and offers on its cloud storage that are open until 31st December, including what it calls the Ultimate Backup Bundle for $54.99 a year. This consists of its G Cloud mobile backup service, namely its Unlimited plan, as well as its Polarbackup Home service (Unlimited plan), and its Genie Timeline Home local backup service (included for free).

G Cloud Unlimited alone usually retails for $59.99 a year, so this offer packages together that service and two others for a competitive deal. Zoolz is also offering 75% off all G Cloud yearly plans, alongside the Polarbackup Home service’s Unlimited plan for just $0.99 a month.

Check out Zoolz' cloud storage deals:

DEAL: Zoolz’ Ultimate Backup Bundle at $54.99 a year 

DEAL: Zoolz’ Ultimate Backup Bundle at $54.99 a year 

Zoolz is offering the Ultimate Backup Bundle, including its mobile backup G Cloud Unlimited plan, its Polarbackup Home Unlimited cold storage solution, and its Genie Timeline Home local backup service, for just $54.99 a year. With the G Cloud Unlimited plan usually costing $59.99 a year, this deal is too good to miss!

DEAL: Get 75% off all Zoolz G Cloud annual plans

DEAL: Get 75% off all Zoolz G Cloud annual plans

Zoolz’ G Cloud mobile backup solution’s three annual plans are available at 75% off, including the 100GB, 1TB, and Unlimited plans. The mobile-centric storage service allows for multiple devices to be backed up to one account, across Android and Apple devices, and features top-level AES 256-bit encryption to keep your important files safe.

DEAL: Get Zoolz’ Polarbackup cold cloud for $0.99 a month

DEAL: Get Zoolz’ Polarbackup cold cloud for $0.99 a month

Zoolz is making its Polarbackup cold cloud storage service’s Home Unlimited plan available for only $0.99 a month, with the solution providing personal users with cold storage of important files and data. The plan covers one user and one computer, but offers unlimited storage as well as compatibility with PCs and Macs, with the opportunity to upgrade to hot storage available too.

G Cloud is Zoolz’ mobile-specific cloud storage solution, offering extra storage for social media engagement alongside complete mobile accessibility anywhere, anytime, and from any Android or Apple device. Multiple devices can be backed up to a single account, while other features include transfers or restorations of data with one tap; military-grade AES 256-bit encryption; web browser access; and more. The Unlimited plan allows over five million downloads, as an extra tool.

Polarbackup meanwhile is a separate service offering cold cloud storage for personal and business users, and its Unlimited Home plan usually retails at $3 a month, covering one user, one computer, and offering unlimited storage, as well as the ability to add further computers or storage devices should you need to. It works with PCs, Macs, and can be upgraded from cold storage to hot storage as well.

Finally, Genie Timeline is Zoolz’ easy-to-use, continuous backup service offering local backups to external drives or network locations. Its Timeline Home edition is aimed at the consumer market, and usually retails at $29.95, but is included for free in the Ultimate Backup Bundle.

If you want to learn more about Zoolz, make sure to read our interview with CEO Muayyad Shehadeh, an award-winning and globally recognized authority on cloud storage, who spoke to us about the cloud storage industry and what’s on the horizon.

What is cloud storage?


Cloud storage stores data on a physical drive, so it can be accessed by users whenever and wherever they want  via online software platforms. There are three main forms: self-hosted, storage as a service (StaaS), and hybrid cloud storage, with cloud sync technology utilized by leading services.


Self-hosted cloud storage uses on-premises (on-prem) infrastructure, and doesn't use any external file storage. Your business hosts the servers on-site, and you are responsible for management of the service.


StaaS providers use externally-managed infrastructure in their own data centers. This allows for economy of scale, meaning they can provide large, affordable levels of storage. These cloud storage services are often known as storage and syncing platforms.


Hybrid cloud storage combines both on-prem infrastructure and cloud networking software together, utilizing the advantages of both for extra security and ease of access and use.


Cloud sync technology provides users with the ability to seamlessly upload, access, edit, and share files from any connected device. Tools that it uses for this include file versioning, link sharing, tracked document changes, and edit incorporations. Many StaaS products offer the above features within a cohesive, integrated digital environment: accordingly, they rank among the best apps to share files.

Your next steps to acquiring cloud storage

When it comes to cloud storage, your first port of call should be learning how to choose and use cloud storage, how to choose a provider, and to find out all about cloud storage vs local storage, in case you're unsure why you need it.

As you start to plan to look for a provider, but know that you have a limited budget or need to cut costs, finding out how you can start reducing cloud storage costs and establishing what the best free cloud storage is will help you on your way.

Don't forget to look into which providers offer the top secure cloud storage, because security is key when it comes to this area. If you're looking for storage for your business, find out the top cloud data storage tips, and learn which services offer the best cloud storage for business.

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