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Give your team Wi-Fi that’s ready for the big leagues with Aruba

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In this digital age, even work that was once conducted in person is now conducted online. With tasks such as team meetings and client pitches largely virtual, the game is changing a lot faster than some business Wi-Fi networks can keep up with. And barely keeping up is no way to make it into the big leagues.

Having struggling network hardware is the last thing your growing business needs. All it takes is an internet hiccup to do considerable damage and cut into your bottom line: your customers may be put off by services they can’t reach, and network downtime can impact your team’s productivity.

Aruba’s network technology tackles these challenges head-on with high-performance and scalable access points and switches, tailor-made for SMBs. These problems can be prevented by having the right network equipment, and Aruba is geared up to help small-mid-size businesses (SMBs) looking to scale and grow.

Aruba access point

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Aruba offers a wide range of wireless access points that match your varying business needs, such as the Aruba 500 Series, a powerful entry point into cutting-edge networking technology. With support for next-generation  Wi-Fi 6, the Aruba 500 Series is geared up for offices with over 100 employees. It powers high-bandwidth connectivity to let your employees maximize their productivity and grow the business.

It’s a strong starting point for midsize businesses.  The Aruba 500 Series is built to meet the considerable networking demands of a modern business. For SMBs with even higher client device density, such as those with extensive connected security camera or sensor infrastructure, or greater bandwidth needs and more employees, Aruba has even higher-performance access points like the 510, 530, and 550 Series.

Aruba access points also help you manage your network easily, meaning your IT team can set network policies that will apply to both wired and wireless connections through the access points. It doesn’t compromise on data protection: your network’s defense will benefit from WPA3 encryption and enterprise-grade security features. 

Aruba’s access points keep your team connected and, in turn, Aruba’s switches can link up and power your access points to build out an interconnected network for hybrid workspace connectivity and future-proof scalability. With a wide variety of multi-gigabit switches, you can easily find the hardware that will meet your capacity needs and provide room to grow. 

Since you can scale within the Aruba ecosystem, there’s no need to rip and replace and face the costs of completely swapping out your network infrastructure. Aruba’s access points are plug*-and-play, letting you simply add more as and when you need them. You also won’t have to suffer from the network downtime that the rip-and-replace approach incurs, as adding on access points and expanding your capacity with network switches is all it takes.  

With a powerful network working for you, your team can focus on making everything run smoothly instead of dealing with Wi-Fi or connectivity issues.

So if you’re ready to take your SMB into the big leagues, check out Aruba’s networking equipment to give your team connectivity they can count on.