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Google adds biometric sign-in to some web services

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / AMISOM)

Android users can now use their preferred log in method to log into Google web services through the browser, as well. The company confirmed that users can log into some web services, such as stored passwords, for example, by typing in the PIN, swiping the unlock pattern or using their fingerprint, as they'd usually do to unlock their phone.

This altogether removes the need for passwords, two-factor authentication services, or password managers. As of this Monday, the feature is available on some phones running Android 7 and above. Google expects to roll the feature out to everyone within the next couple of days.

The feature already works on newer Android phones with certain apps. Users can, for example, authenticate with their fingerprint when buying an app from the Play Store, or when they want to log into certain apps. Google says it is planning future functionality to more Google and Google Cloud services soon enough.

The new offering is built using FIDO2, as well as the WebAuthn protocol. This is an open standard for secure web-based logins for websites. It is generally believed that FIDO2 is more secure than regular passwords. All Android 7 and newer devices are FIDO2 certified. Google also allows users to turn their Android phone into a 2FA security key to log into their accounts.