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Google boosts password security with new Chrome extension

(Image credit: Image Credit: Earl Jeffson / Flickr)

Google has announced two new services that should help its users be more secure. 

The two services are called Password Checkup and Cross Account Protection, and help protect users not just when they’re using Google’s sites and apps, but beyond that as well. 

Password Checkup is a Chrome extension that checks to see if a username or password on a website you’re using has been compromised. If that really is the case, it will trigger a warning, suggesting you to change your credentials.

Cross Account Protection is the next step – in case a hacker has already compromised an account and managed to log in. Sometimes, websites and services allow users to log in with Google, which can be quite a problem if the account has been compromised. If users have the Cross Account Protection implemented, they will be notified if a Google account has been compromised.  

Google spokesperson: Kurt Thomas, Security and Anti-Abuse Research Scientist said: “Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance. With technologies like Password Checkup and Cross Account Protection, we're continuing to improve the security of our users across the internet, not just on Google - and we'll never stop improving our defences to keep you safe online.”

Google said it worked ‘closely’ with other major technology companies and the standards community at the IETF and Open ID Foundation to make sure Cross Account Protection was easy to implement.

Image Credit: Earl Jeffson / Flickr