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Google brings .new domains to the web

(Image credit: Image Credit: Asif Islam / Shutterstock)

Last year, Google introduced a new domain name, called .new. The idea was to create something of an internet shortcut, where people could type things like in their browser and get sent directly towards a blank Docs page where they could start typing straight away.

Now, this interesting concept is being rolled out globally, with many businesses being quick to snap up their own shortcuts.

According to Tech Crunch, a number of different companies are rolling out their own shortcuts, including Microsoft with (still not available for everyone), Spotify with, or Medium with

The experience isn’t always as seamless as it sounds on paper, however. For Google’s services, it won’t be a problem most of the time, as people usually remain logged into Google’s services while they surf the web.

There may be problems for services where people aren’t logged in all the time. Medium could be a good example. If the user isn’t logged into Medium while trying to reach, he or she would only be redirected back to the login page, defeating the entire purpose of the shortcut in the first place.

“Starting December 2, 2019, anyone can apply for a .new domain during the Limited Registration Period,” Google announced in the blog post.

“With .new, you can help people take action faster. We hope to see .new shortcuts for all the things people frequently do online.”

The full list of all the shortcuts already taken can be found here.