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Google closing Gmail Inbox email app

(Image credit: Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock)

Google appears to have announced its Inbox app, once called a 'smarter take on email' will be shutting down on April 2, 2019.

The company first announced Inbox would be getting the axe last year, and we were expecting the app to shut down in 2018, but it seems as the whole process took a bit more time.

Now, as of yesterday, Inbox users that fire up the app are greeted with a message saying the app will be terminated in 15 days. It also comes with a link to the Gmail inbox, with the message to the user saying 'your messages are already waiting for you', hoping people would hop back into Gmail.

In the meantime, Google has been improving Gmail with Inbox's best features, like Smart Reply, Smart Compose and Follow-ups. It has even redesigned it into this all-white look, to resemble Inbox a bit more.

This is not the first time Google has (unsuccessfully) tried to reinvent the email wheel. Those with a longer memory will remember Google Wave, a 2009 attempt at redesigning email and combining it with chat and other communications tools. Wave was discontinued in 2010.

One of the great internet debates of the modern age is whether email is old and outdated, and if it should be replaced with something more contemporary. Some are saying email is the perfect tool and should be left well alone, some believe it needs reimagining, while others yet believe chat and instant messaging services, with a few email-esque tools, would be the perfect combination.

Whatever we end up using, one thing is for certain – we won't be using Google Inbox.

Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock