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Google Cloud announces Dedicated Interconnect for enterprise customers

(Image credit: Image Credit: Asif Islam / Shutterstock)

Google has revealed a new way for enterprise users to connect to its cloud platform.

Dedicated Interconnect revolves around a few useful perks. Onboarding is easy through manageable, high-bandwidth and secure network, reducing the cost for enterprises and offering increased security by avoiding public internet routing.

Google says Dedicated Interconnect is useful for businesses that want to extend their corporate data centre network as part of a hybrid cloud deployment. Google also said the new feature is ‘ideal for data and/or latency sensitive services’. These may be retail or financial services, but others, as well.

"Accessing GCP with high bandwidth, low latency, and consistent network connectivity is critical for our business objectives. Google's Dedicated Interconnect allows us to successfully achieve higher reliability, higher throughput, and lower latency while reducing the total cost of ownership by more than 60 per cent, compared to solutions over the public internet,” commented Nhan Phan, VP of engineering at Metamarkets.

Dedicated Interconnect allows a direct connection to GCP VPC networks with connectivity to internal IP addresses in RFC 1918 address space. It is available in 10Gb/s increments.

It is currently available in 17 different locations, including three on US west coast, four on the east coast, four in Europe (London included), two in Japan, one in Malaysia and one in Australia.

You can learn more about Google Dedicated Interconnect on this link.

Image Credit: Asif Islam / Shutterstock