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Google finds major security flaws in Apple's web browser

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

Google has helped Apple fix serious flaws that were plaguing its Safari web browser. 

Engineers at Google spotted multiple vulnerabilities which allowed hackers to track user browsing behaviour. To make matters somewhat ironic, the vulnerabilities were spotted in a tool that was built to protect user privacy. The flaws were such that enabled potential hackers to walk away with sensitive information about user browsing habits.

The tool in question is called Intelligent Tracking Prevention, and it was plagued with five different vulnerabilities. Google is expected to soon issue a report, detailing the flaws. So far, they’ve said that the flaw was made possible because of the way Safari “implicitly stores information about the websites visited by the users”.

Hackers could “create a persistent fingerprint that will follow the user around the web.” Other flaws “were able to reveal what individual users were searching for on search engine pages.”

Google’s engineers found the flaws in late August last year, it was said, and Apple publicly announced a fix in December. Google is yet to comment on the matter.